Centers and Institutes

Advanced Material Research Institute (AMERI):

Focusing on the broad area of Materials Engineering, AMERI boasts of a state-of-the-art nanofabrication facility, well used by local researchers and industry. Harnessing the synergy between areas in biomedical, mechanical, and electrical engineering, the center has epitomized interdisciplinary research in the college. Director: Dr. Kinzy Jones;

Center for Advanced Distributed Systems Engineering (CADSE):

This center focuses on research in distributed computing, tackling theoretical and practical aspects of developing complex software systems. Director: Dr. Xudong He;

Center for Advanced Technology and Education (CATE):

The mission of the NSF-funded CATE center is to foster cross-disciplinary research and synergy in the fields of image and signal processing. In collaboration with Miami Children’s Hospital, the CATE center has made major contributions to neuroscience (brain disorders, functional mapping of the brain). Other focus areas for CATE include assistive technologies (universal accessibility for people with visual impairments and motor disabilities) and imaging databases. Director: Dr. Malek Adjouadi;

Center for Diversity in Engineering (CDEC):

This center is committed to recruiting and retention issues for students from traditionally underrepresented populations who pursue an Engineering Degree, with the goal of achieving greater diversity and fostering greater social mobility for all groups and genders in Engineering. The center manages several programs targeting elementary, middle, and high school students from S. Florida. Director: Dr. Masoud Milani;

Center for the Study of Matter under Extreme Conditions (CeSMEC):

This center is engaged in fundamental research related to energy and materials. With numerous patents to their credit, members of this center are at the forefront of efforts in alternative energy production, Carbon capture, and high pressure science. Director: Dr. Surendra Saxena;

Engineering Information Center (EIC)

This center serves the teaching, learning, research and academic communities of the College of Engineering and Computing. As its core mission, EIC is responsible for developing and implementing the College’s Information Systems strategy. This includes the evolution of the underlying computational technologies as well as the communications infrastructure that serve the Center’s diverse set of constituencies. The infrastructure has played a key role in the continual growth of the College’s research and instructional programs. Director: Hernan Bormey;

Engineering Manufacturing Center (EMC):

This center provides invaluable manufacturing support for research projects, student senior projects, theses, dissertations, and for the local industry. Co-Directors: Dr. Ibrahim Tansel, Mario Sanchez;

High Performance Database Research Center (HPDRC):

HPDRC conducts research on database management systems, with special emphasis on geospatial databases. The success of the TerraFly project and its various applications has brought national recognition to this center. Director: Dr. Naphtali Rishe;

Lehman Center for Transportation Research (LCTR):

LCTR is committed to conducting research and training to improve transportation mobility and safety, and educating a multidisciplinary workforce to plan, manage, and implement transportation systems. LCTR has conducted numerous research projects in the areas of public transportation, GIS, transportation demand modeling, land use planning, intelligent transportation systems, transportation safety, traffic simulation, and transportation databases. Director: Dr. L. David Shen;

Telecommunications and Information Technology Institute (IT2):

IT2 focuses on research and training in the critical area of telecommunications, with emphasis on wireless mobile and sensor networks, and resource management. Director: Dr. Niki Pissinou;

Affiliated Centers

Applied Research Center (ARC):

ARC’s focus is to solve real-world problems through multi-disciplinary research collaborations within the University’s increasingly talented applied and basic research units. The Applied Research Center is uniquely structured and staffed to allow for free-flowing exchange of ideas between the University’s applied researchers, academia, government, private sector and industry partners. Director: Dr. John Proni;

International Hurricane Research Center (IHRC):

IHRC is a multidisciplinary center focused on the mitigation of hurricane damage to people, their property, and the built and natural environments. To adequately assess these diverse yet inherently related topics the Center has four research laboratories: Laboratory for Coastal Research; Laboratory for Social Science Research; Laboratory for Insurance, Financial, and Economic Research; and Laboratory for Wind Engineering Research. Director: Dr. Keqi Zhang;

New Initiatives

Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC):

This center focuses on providing the information and support needed to design and build projects utilizing next generation technologies in a cost-effective manner, identifying relevant research and resources, and developing innovative technologies for rapid deployment of bridges. Director: Dr. Atorod Azizinamini;

Center for Adaptive Neural Systems (CANS):

CANS is focused on developing and utilizing new scientific knowledge and engineering technology to address the complex physiological, medical and societal problems presented by neurological disability. Its research agenda is at the intersection between bioengineering, neuroscience and rehabilitation. Director: Dr. Ranu Jung;

Center for Disaster Information Technology (CDIT):

The mission of this center is to develop information technology based strategies, databases, and tools for recovering from disasters such as hurricanes or terror attacks. Director: Dr. Shu-Ching Chen;

Center for Nanomedicine (CNM):

This center focuses on innovations in nanotechnology with applications to medicine. Director: Dr. Sakhrat Khizroev;

Health Information Technology (HIT) Initiative:

The mission of this initiative is to develop information technology based strategies, databases, and tools for managing health information. Director: Dr. Naphtali Rishe;