Engineering Management

2011-2012 Annual Report

Engineering Management

Program Highlights

The Engineering Management program is the Signature Program of the College of Engineering and Computing. This unique college-wide program saw its largest growth in 2011-2012; as its student enrollment grew by 60% thus making it the largest M.S. program in the College.

The program is currently offered in three formats: the regular weekday program at FIU’s Engineering Center, the Professional weekend program at FIU’s Pines Center, and the Overseas weekend program in Kingston Jamaica. The Professional MSEM program at Pines Center—a one-year Saturday-only program geared for working Professionals—started its fourth cohort of students in August. This program, which started less than two years ago with only 12 students, currently boasts an enrollment of 39 students. This program specializes its graduates in Enterprise Systems.

The MSEM program continued growing its overseas offering at UTech in Kingston, Jamaica. This one-year weekend program is currently in its fifth cohort with 19 students enrolled. Students in this program specialize in Systems Engineering.

The Engineering Management faculty has finished its plans, and is getting ready to launch its evening version at the FIU Brickell campus this coming January, focusing on Logistics/Supply Chain Management.

The Engineering Management faculty is also planning on offering a fully online program.

Faculty Highlights

The growth of the MSEM program has led to an increase of its faculty size. In 2011-12, the Engineering Management Program hired one Professor of Practice, one Assistant Professor, and one Lab Coordinator. The Program is also in the search process for another faculty position to start as early as January 2013. Dr. Chen who serves as the Program Director has over 20 years of experience in the field and is the mastermind of all new and exciting developments in the program.

New Facilities

Along with the growth in the enrollment, faculty, and programs offered, the Engineering Management program is expanding and upgrading its facilities. The Program now has a new home on the third floor of the Engineering Center with a Very Important Student (VIS) lounge and a new Program Director’s office.

Work is also underway to upgrade the current computer lab into a state-of-the-art executive education seminar room that can serve both as a classroom and a computer lab; all with full online recording and video conferencing capabilities for synchronous and asynchronous online course delivery. Work is also underway to upgrade the Teaching Assistants offices room into a collaborative work study area, with a library and conference room style tables for professional students’ teams to use for projects.

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